Peter Ruplinger - Stained Glass ArtistSalt Lake City, Utah, Award Winning Custom Stained Glass:  Born in San Diego, California and currently living in the mountains near Salt Lake City, Utah, Peter Ruplinger is an avid outdoorsman and devoted husband, father, and grandfather. His art is inspired and guided by the beauty and geometry of nature and the world that surrounds us. Much of his early work draws upon the influence of Diego Rivera, Claude Monet, and Paul Gauguin. From the great cathedrals of Europe to humble Mexican churches and modern window decorations, Peter has had a lifelong love for works of stained glass. During his extensive travels he rarely misses an opportunity to seek out and view stained glass installations along the way.

Peter received his Bachelors and Masters Degrees from San Diego State University, where he received the Outstanding Student Award. He underwent a traineeship in Zurich, Switzerland and studied stained glass design and fabrication in Cléguérec, France. Peter’s work has been exhibited in the San Diego Museum of Fine Art, Davis County Administration Building, and Farmington Library.

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